6 Must Have Features For E-signature Apps

It’s time to say goodbye to printing, scanning, and sending signatures. These online tools make getting a contract or proposal approved swiftly and efficiently easier. As a result, they help you save time and increase productivity by storing all of your papers in one location.

These applications don’t require you to use a pen and paper to add signatures. In a digital environment, you can sign documents without being in the same room as the people who drafted them.

But how can you pick which app to use when there are so many e-signature providers available, including jSign? The following characteristics should be taken into account when determining what is most appropriate for your requirements:

Enabling Mobile Devices

An e-signature app’s ability to be used on the go is one of its most vital advantages. Almost any gadget, wherever in the world, can be used to sign papers electronically. Signing through mobile devices provides several advantages, including the assurance that the user’s signature has been appropriately recorded.

Another advantage is that you may sign and submit papers in real-time. Businesses that need to send out invoices or other essential documents once they are finished can benefit from the shorter turnaround time, more excellent customer service, and increased cash flow.

Convenience for the Consumer

Consider the user experience when looking for an e-signature app. For those who must get their work done quickly, the app should be simple and enjoyable to use. You’ll have a more straightforward user interface if you emphasize a user-friendly app. As a result, you won’t be left in uncertainty about what to do or where to go next. You may also check to see if they provide educational resources to help you through the process of signing a contract.

Using Multiple E-Signatures in a Transaction

As a business owner or employee, you may want to use an app that supports multiple electronic signatures to safeguard critical information. As a result of this feature, a document can only be approved by the proper persons, and no one can authorize a paper by themselves.

Your app’s settings page often has an option to add additional e-signature signatures, which may be found by clicking the edit menu. You’ll be able to select as many signatures as you like when it asks whether you want to sign documents with numerous people. This will make your business run more smoothly, especially if you have a lot of individuals who need to sign off on invoices or contracts.

Analyzing and Tracking Documents

Document monitoring and tracking of how documents are processed are two of the most critical capabilities of e-signature software. All papers in your system, whether signed or rejected, can be seen with the most delicate designs, and you can see who signed them and when. Analytical data on each document should be made available to see how long each document takes to review and approve and how many times a record has been visited by a given user, internal or external.

It should be possible to view and export the app’s data for use in reporting purposes from the app itself.

Compliance and Security

Your e-signature application must be safe in an increasingly digital and interconnected environment. When it comes to confidential information, you don’t want it to slip into the wrong hands. It would help if you ensured that the software complies with industry standards. Apps must include security measures that safeguard both users and enterprises and be compliant with industry requirements.

The apps must also be certified by a reputable third party. Thus, your possible e-signature app is guaranteed to fulfill the requirements for electronic signatures in other countries and meet those criteria. This will remove any concerns you may have had regarding the validity or safety of the platform before you sign up for it.

Cloud-based services

One of the advantages of e-signature applications is that they may be integrated with cloud services. Businesses who use the app to access and make changes to their documents from a distance might benefit significantly from this feature. Document revisions may be made more quickly and cost-effectively thanks to cloud integration.


Any company’s choice of an e-signature app is critical. However, before you can begin, you must be familiar with the features. Consider the app’s user-friendliness, the convenience of use, and security before deciding. Using these tools, you’ll be able to operate more conveniently and efficiently without sacrificing safety or comfort.

Bradley Gray