Apple Mixed Reality Headset To Be available In the United States in 2023

Apple’s rumored 2023 launch date for its mixed reality headset has been pushed back from its original target of 2020 to 2023. Apple is anticipated to lay the basis for its future wearable gadget, which is rumored to enable augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) content, during the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that begins today. According to another story, the company has partnered with Hollywood directors to generate video material for the mixed reality headgear.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter says that while Apple is anticipated to unveil substantial changes to its iOS, iPad, watch, tvOS, and macOS operating systems at its WWDC 2022 keynote event today, the appearance of its impending mixed reality headgear is improbable. According to Gurman, Apple may reveal more about the headgear at WWDC 2022, following a recent sneak peek for the company’s board of directors, and the gadget might be available for purchase in the United States as early as 2023.

According to an older report, Realityo Systems LLC had previously registered two trademarks for RealityOS with the US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO). Categories of trademarks include but are not limited to computer hardware and software design and development, computer and video game design and development, and wearable computer hardware. According to Gurman, the reality was initially registered in Liechtenstein in June 2021, as the corporation has a pact that allows it to file for a trademark in the United States within six months.

Apple has been developing new VR and AR Apple applications and services and new input techniques over the previous few months. Apple is also working on a new platform for third-party developers. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro now include built-in support for spatial audio and virtual reality video. Gurman claims that Apple is also working on a developer platform that includes support for body tracking, handwriting with Siri, and Siri access to third-party apps for the headgear.

Meanwhile, a new version of SwiftUI for AR and VR app development is expected to integrate with RealityKit and Metal, according to rumors. According to the article, developers may be able to test their headsets and applications in a virtual environment before they receive access to the headset itself. Previous claims claim the headset’s operating system might be dubbed realityOS. Apple is working on upgrading its applications with mixed reality capabilities — Maps, notes, and calendars could receive VR versions. At the same time, FaceTime could be modified to scan a person’s face and imitate their motions with Memoji.

According to the New York Times, Apple is working with Hollywood directors to create video content for its future mixed reality headgear in addition to building applications and services. Apple TV+’s Prehistoric Planet series, to be produced by filmmakers like Jon Favreau, would purportedly use a mixed reality headgear developed by the Cupertino business. According to the article, Favreau will be “trying to bring that show’s dinosaurs to life” on the headgear, which “looks like a pair of ski goggles.”

According to a report because of issues with battery life, Apple is anticipated to unveil its mixed reality headset in 2023. After working on mixed reality technology for so long and seeing how it affects how people interact, two members of the industrial design team decided to leave. Both Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo have anticipated that the headset will be released in 2017. Although Apple has yet to confirm the existence of a mixed reality headset, the company’s WWDC presentation later today might provide further information about the device and its underlying technology.

Bradley Gray